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Erase & Rewrite

The Fullmetal Alchemist

Ed Elric
3 February
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Series: Fullmetal Alchemist [manga]
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Known Relatives: Trisha Elric (mother - deceased), Alphonse Elric (brother), Van Hohenheim (father)
Origin: Risembool, East Area, Amestris
Abilities: Alchemy (with or without transmutation circle)
Ed is extremely hot-headed and temperamental, and any insult to his height is met with loud yelling and, more often than not, violence. He tends to speak bluntly to people, and maybe a little too bluntly sometimes. He often comes off as aloof and brash, a stubborn, headstrong, impatient, arrogant brat with a harsh tongue, a serious potty mouth, and an impetuous nature. But beneath this tough exterior, Ed can be very kind and giving. He’s more than willing to help people in need, but usually through indirect means (or otherwise doing his best to make it as not obvious as possible). He’s loving and compassionate to those important to him and will protect them at all costs. He has this tendency to put the needs of those people before his own. He’ll go to any lengths to keep the people he cares about safe, even if it means endangering his own life. He’s very passionate about what he believes in and will not hesitate to stand up for those beliefs. In spite of everything, he has a very strong moral ground - at least as far as valuing human life goes. He tries to take the high road as much as possible and would never willingly choose to kill someone, or even allow someone to be killed in front of him.

He’s very passionate about what he believes in and will not hesitate to stand up for those beliefs. While he has come very close to killing before for such reasons, he was never able to go through with it; his moral ground is very firm, and he values human life far too much to take someone else’s life. While he does have his bouts of total immaturity and naïveté, Ed is perfectly capable of coming across to most people as a mature adult. He works hard toward his goals and is easily absorbed completely by his work or research, oftentimes to the point of excluding any other sort of activity and forgetting to do mundane things and basic necessities like eating or sleeping. He has an astounding ability to focus… at least when it comes to what he’s interested in. If it doesn’t interest him, he’s likely to slack off as much as he can get away with. Edward truly is very smart for his age and while it’s understandable for him to be proud of his abilities, sometimes his ego gets a little out of hand.

Ed also has some major guilt issues. When something he is involved in has gone wrong or otherwise not according to plan, chances are he’s going to blame himself no matter what and will not rest until he’s found a way to set things right. He’s made a lot of mistakes in his past, all of which he works very hard to make up for, and because of this he tries to make sure that no one else will make similar ones if he can help it. Ed takes on some heavy burdens for someone so young, and does so (for the most part) in stride. As the inscription in his pocket watch reminds him, he believes that there is no choice but to move forward, learning from the past and working to rise from its charred remains.

That said, at the end of the day, he’s still a teenager, and can prove to be pretty dumb about things. When confronted with a situation he doesn’t know how to deal with, particularly those that revolve around people and how to interact with them, his reactions tend to be quite… extreme. He flails and spazzes out pretty often, and can be quite the goofy oddball when he wants to be, an urge he’s only recently begun to allow himself to give in to. He’s got a real nose for trouble and mischief. Though he’s a genius when it comes to most everything else, things like personal relationships (particularly intimate ones) are what really throw him in for a loop. He doesn’t deal with those sorts of things very well; he’ll either accidentally say the wrong thing and completely screw himself over, or misunderstand the other person’s intentions entirely. But as with everyone, age brings about maturity and wisdom; Ed has his moments, more often than one might thing. Still, they tend to catch people off guard every time. He has a big heart, however icy and steel-plated he tries to make it, and that more than anything else is his greatest strength.

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